BERM, 2023

About this artwork


Acrylic paint on wood



Private Collection

For a private commission, I made this customized version of the modular sculpture group BERM. One of the first adjustments I made was resizing the sculpture to fit the dimensions of the living room wall where it will be displayed. Additionally, I created a customized color palette that complements the interior colors chosen by the client.

My main goal with this sculpture group was to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. By transitioning the original green color to a soothing beige/gray, I believe I am enhancing the intended emotional response of the artwork. The new color scheme blends harmoniously with the client’s interior, ensuring that the sculpture becomes a seamless part of the overall aesthetic.


Through careful consideration of scale and color, I aim to create a sculptural experience that brings a sense of calm harmony to the space it occupies.