March 2024

Business Art Service (NL) will represent my wall sculptures at IHS this year

February, 2023

October, 2022


a modular landscape brimming with hidden detail

on show at Dutch Design Week 2022

BERM relates Kuipers’ fascination with the plants proliferating side by side and following each other through the seasons, like a perpetuum mobile he happened to find in the verge of the road. The butterbur blooming in early spring before it overshadows the roadsides with its tall leaves; the buttercups as a vulnerable shimmer through the grass in summer; the field thistle welcoming autumn with clouds of fluffy seeds. All these impressions found their way into the colourful stratification of the relief that has been constructed from countless abstract laser-cut leaves.

Varying in diameter between 10 and 60 centimeter, the separate leaves are mounted over or next to each other in arrangements of different sizes. They come together in a harmonious composition that grows with the available surface like a modular landscape. Large cloudy pastel-yellow leaves undulate across the walls in a well-balanced pattern. Partially hidden beneath them, smaller leaves playfully alternate in contrasting greyed turquoise and ochre orange. The large shapes underneath show tiny holes, like seeds concealing themselves in the earth. It actually takes an effort to see them. From a distance, the lively rhythm and subtle colour scheme stand out. Simultaneously natural and artificial, BERM becomes a panoramic scenery that creates a quiet, relaxed atmosphere in large interior spaces.

The layered nature of the relief extends to the painted surfaces of the separate leaves, that won’t fully reveal their wealth of techniques and hues until you move real close. The hidden details entice you to explore the work and let yourself be swept along by the C-shaped movement that imbues Baroque and Rococo with such lively dynamics. Eye-to-eye with BERM’s larger and smaller leaves, you can easily lose yourself in associations, musings, memories perhaps of joyful moments. For Kuipers, the work is a reference to his childhood, when he felt small among the towering vegetation and nature was a magical place to play and hide, where he could stay for hours, mesmerised by the tiniest wonders of the world.


November, 2021

IN BLOOM! is on show at Masterly, the Hague

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January, 2021

Please check my new Vimeo Channel for wall relief videos

October 2020

New Wearable Collection:

‘Luscious Clouds’

See the whole collection here

May, 2020

This website and my new visual identity are designed by Rotterdam based graphic designers St-duo and web development bureau Okaia.

January, 2020

Facebook Commissioned work

Kuipers’ work spirals and twists off the walls, so these are neither paintings nor sculpture. The colors are awesome, energy loaded and all a register higher than expected. Building multiple paintings on paper & card, Joris literally tears these apart and rearranges the layers of torn strips to reconstruct a new image. Joris ignores all rules, expectations and conventions – he is a true hacker.

While making a second wall relief for Facebook Office, Amsterdam, NL, this video portrait was made by Arcade Film.

Photography by H. Blankestijn.

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November, 2019

New ‘Floral Abstraction’ wall reliefs

See the whole collection here

October, 2019

This month I finished two large wall reliefs for Celebrity Edge, Royal Caribbean Cruises, USA

September, 2019

My installation Suspended relief 004 will be on display at Big Art Nr. 4, Hemburgterrein – Zaanstad, NL. From 12-15 September 2019.

August, 2019

Featured in Tableau Art Magazine with a wall relief made for the group exhibition Paper Art at CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL

June, 2019

Showing a large wall relief made from handpainted torn paper at Paper Art, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL

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February, 2019

This edition of Object Rotterdam, NL I will be showing new wall reliefs.

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