Biography & Curriculum Vitae


Born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands (1977), studied at Artez, Arnhem 1995/1999 and at Frank Mohr Institute (MFA painting department), Groningen 2001/2003, currently working and living in Rotterdam.

Kuipers’ work consists room-filling installations, wall reliefs, sculptures and works on paper. Characteristic of his work is the layered structure of two-dimensional elements. Recently, the theme his work shifted from the human body and existence to a more abstract domain. Crystallization and fanning out, concentration and flow, presence and absence, are his current thinking and working framework. Hereby the energy of making and the dynamics within the composition take a central place.

His work was exhibited at art fairs such as Object Rotterdam (2018) KunstRai (2018) Art Amsterdam NL (2009) and Art Gent BE (2011). He made commissioned work for Vodafone (2011) and Facebook (2016)




Frank Mohr Instituut, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, MFA Painting.


Artez, Arnhem





-Solo Presentation, Object Rotterdam (Art and Design Fair), The Netherlands


-KunstRAI, presentation by SBK Amsterdam and Gallery Helder the Hague

-Solo Presentation, Object Rotterdam (Art and Design Fair), The Netherlands

-Coordinated Coordinates, groupshow, Gallery Helder, The Hague, The Netherlands


-Solo presentation, Room Studios, Rome, Italy

-Solo presentation, SBK Noord, Amsterdam


-Wall reliefs, Facebook office, Amsterdam

-In a state of flux, groupshow, Kers gallery, Amsterdam


-Goodbye George, burn the ship come spring, Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam

-Papier in de hoofdrol, groupshow, Museum Gorkum, Gronichem

-Kersentuin, groupshow, KunstRai, curated by Kers Gallery

-Network Clay / GRASIEKWC, groupshow, curated by B. Kramer, Landgoed Anningahof, Zwolle

-The Daylight Show, groupexhibition curated by Gallery Ton de Boer, Dresselhuys Paviljoen, Hilversum

-Solo presentation, Whispering Wall, The Hague

-Artist Paper Biennale, groupshow, Museum Rijswijk, Rijswijk

-Goodbye George, Burn the ship come spring, solo presentation, De Witte slagerij, solo presentation, Rotterdam

-Goodbye George, Burn the ship come spring, solo presentation, Dapiran Art Project Space, Utrecht

-Rock Paper Scissors, groupshow, Roodkapje Rotterdam

-Letting go, solo presentation, Het Plafond, Rotterdam

-Letting Go, groupshow, Glow festival, Eindhoven

-We Like Art at the Westergasfabriek , groupshow, Amsterdam

-Final Presentation EKWC, Den Bosch

-Ende Neu, solo exhibition Gallery Jaap Sleper, Utrecht

Re:Rotterdam, Artfair, Rotterdam

-I miss my youth, groupshow, Gallery Joey Ramone, Rotterdam

-Völlig losgelöst, solo presentation at Art Gent (Giga Case) via Gallery Jaap Sleper

-Völlig losgelöst, solo presentation at Het Plafond, Rotterdam

Attraction of the opposites, groupshow, CUCOSA, Rotterdam

RE:Rotterdam, Artfair, Rotterdam

-Preludium, Gallery 10, Utrecht

-RE:Amsterdam, groupshow, Amsterdam

-RE:Rotterdam, groupshow, Lantaarn Venster, Rotterdam

-Flowers!, groupshow, Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde

-Drawing Art Fair, CBK Schiedam, Schiedam

-Anatomy of Desire, solo exhibition Gallery 10, Utrecht

-Enigma, group exhibition TENT, Rotterdam

-Alles is goed hier, group exhibition Gallery 300%, Rotterdam

-Art flow for Pakistan (charity auction), NAI, Rotterdam

-We like 6%, group exhibition, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam

-Solo presentation at Art Amsterdam, presented by Gallery 10, Amsterdam

-The Nethelands – Iraq Cultural Exhibition, The Atrium of The Haque City Hall, Den Haag

-Niemand is ooit verdwaald, groupshow Pakt, Amsterdam

-Leibhaftigkeit, duo presentation with A. Kellner, LCC Rotterdam, Rotterdam

-De schepping in 6+1 weken, groepshow CBK Middelburg, Middelburg

-Body contrasts Nature, groupshow, Galerie 300%, Rotterdam

-DRIE, groupshow, curated by Jan van der Ploeg, Chielerie, Amsterdam

– Disembodyment, duo exhibition with J. Krebbekx, Galerie 10, Utrecht

-W139 Basement, groupshow, Amsterdam

-Ground Two Festival, Villa Ockenburgh, Den Haag

-Solopresation, invited by Paul Mertz, Amsterdam

-Menselijke Analyse, groupshow during the The Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven


-‘Rubens en tijdgenoten’, groupshow, Art Affairs,  Amsterdam

-Confrontaties in zwart, wit en transparant, groupshow, Art Affairs, Amsterdam

-‘Rubens en tijdgenoten’, groupshow, invited by Paul Mertz, Amsterdam

-‘Coming out’ Groupshow, guestcurator Elly Stegeman, Groningen.

-Solo exhibition, Gallery Sign, Groningen.
-‘Outframed’, Gallery Jacoba Wijk, Groningen.

-‘Open house’ Groupshow, guestcurator Ellen de Bruijne, Groningen.

-‘Hidden’ Groupshow, guestcurator Elly Stegeman, Groningen.



2015-Project investment grant,  Mondriaan Fund

2013-Project investment grant,  Mondriaan Fund

-O&O grant, CBK Rotterdam



2015Sundaymorning@EKWC, the Netherlands

2013Sundaymorning@EKWC, the Netherlands



2008  -Into the Hearts / Scanning for symbiosis I, 9 Straatjes Rood Project by Vodafone, Amsterdam

-Mentorship by Jan van der Ploeg via Kunstenaars&Co, Amsterdam



2018 – Open Form, Facebook A.I.R. 2012/2017

2015 – Unexpected Art, Chronicle Books, J. Moussa Spring, preface F. Hofman, San Fransisco

2014 -Catalogue Artist Paper Biennale, Museum Rijswijk
-kM Magazine no 91, interview by Monika Auch

2013 – Hohe Luft (German Filosophy magazine)

-Attraction of the opposites, Catalogue

-Bookpresentation Gallery 10, Utrecht

-Photograph in ‘Art Fairs’ by Dolph Kessler

-Review (Enigma) NRC Handelsblad & NRC Next

-Review Tableau Fine Arts Magazine

-Review Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant
-Review Blend Magazine
-Catalogue Negen Straatjes Rood project, Vodafone

-Catalogue Ground Two Festival, The Hague

-Catalogue Final Presentation Frank Mohr Institute, Goningen

-Catalogue Waddenkunstprijs, Harlingen