Facebook Office Amsterdam, 2019

Photo: H. Blankestijn

Last year I revisited an installation for the Office of Facebook Amsterdam.

Facebook AIR made this portrait of me and my work

Joris Kuipers, FB Amsterdam Artist in Residence 2019

Joris Kuipers’ work spirals and twists off the walls, so these are neither paintings nor sculpture. The colors are awesome, energy loaded and all a register higher than expected. Building multiple paintings on paper & card, Joris literally tears these apart and rearranges the layers of torn strips to reconstruct a new image. Joris ignores all rules, expectations and conventions – he is a true hacker.Find out more about the artist: @kuipers.jorisjoriskuipers.comFilm credit: @arcade.film

Pubblicato da FB AIR Program su Giovedì 16 gennaio 2020